Zafric™ African Curios All-in-One Collection

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The ‘Zafric™ African Curios All-in-One Collection’ features a selection of our best-selling and most sought-after products.
This compact display unit occupies minimal space while maintaining the captivating allure of these African treasures, allowing you to optimize your store layout.
The unit is double-sided and packs a punch with a generous array of 490 products. It comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble, offering a hassle-free solution for retailers.

Deal Includes:
110 Assorted Keyrings
40 Assorted Wine Glass Charms
120 Assorted Earrings
60 Assorted Necklaces
80 Assorted Magnets
40 Assorted Coasters
40 Assorted Bookmarks