The HiGIENE™ Safety Tool

Proudly invented, designed and manufactured by Giftique ZA.
These are not only trademarked but we have also registered a functional design (no. F2020/00976). This gives us exclusive rights to use our design and prevent others from manufacturing, importing or selling replicas.
This gadget is simply outdoing itself with all its uses!

1. Bag Hanger. It can be used to hang your bag on a table top/counter top or bar, keeping your bag safely in front of you in restaurants pubs etc.
2. Key Finder. It hooks onto the outside of your handbag making it easy to find your keys in your bag.
3. It works as a phone stand!
4. Opens and closes doors. Prevents you from coming into direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. No more touching dreaded public bathroom doors!
5. Pushes buttons. Such as those on credit card machines, ATM’s, elevators, boom gates etc.
6. Flushes the toilet (Push button or handle)
7. Turns lever taps on and off.

Made from a beautiful light absorbing frosted substrate giving a gorgeous up-market finish