Proudly South Africa
The Proudly South African Initiative

Proudly South African, the country’s national buy local campaign, seeks to influence local procurement in the public and private sectors and to influence consumers to buy local, thereby stimulating local production and manufacturing which in turn leads to job creation.

This is in line with government’s plans to revive South Africa’s economy so that millions of jobs can be created and unemployment can be reduced. The work of Proudly South African aligns with the broader National Development Plan and the Local Procurement Accord signed in October 2011.

Members of Proudly South African share a commitment to an uplifting ethos that promotes social and economic change and progress. They make a meaningful contribution to building South Africa’s economy, alleviating unemployment and retaining existing employment opportunities.

Members are vetted for:


At least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa and there must be a “substantial transformation” of any imported material.


The product or service must be of a proven high quality for example, it must be ISO accredited or have a certificate of any other accreditation organisation.


The company must comply with the current labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices.


The Business/ enterprise must comply with environmental legislature and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly and acceptable. This shall include recycling methods, waste management, carbon footprint reduction, etc.