Welcome to Giftique ZA – Your Premier Destination for Unique Locally Manufactured Corporate Gifts, with Custom Logo Branding, and Retail Solutions in South Africa. 

Our commitment is not just to provide high-quality items, but to champion local communities and eco-friendliness through our unique brand, Zafric™.


Corporate Gifts

At Giftique ZA, we take immense pride in being a leading force in the manufacturing of exquisite South African gifting and home decor products, catering to both retail and corporate gift industries. Our commitment is not just to provide high-quality items, but to champion local communities and eco-friendliness through our unique brand, Zafric™.

Why Choose Zafric™:

Proudly South African: Zafric™ is a Proudly South African giftware brand that specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying unique, high-quality products to both the retail and corporate gift industries. With our factory rooted in Durban, Zafric™ is 100% local.

Female Empowerment: Behind every Zafric™ product is a talented team of women from previously disadvantaged local communities. Through upskilling and development, we empower our team to contribute to the creation of our exceptional corporate gift and retail ranges.

Eco-Friendly Focus: Committed to sustainability, Zafric™ prioritizes the use of recycled and eco-friendly raw materials. Our dedication to eco-consciousness is woven into every corporate gift we offer.

Customized Solutions for Your Brand: Collaborate with our creative team to develop bespoke, locally manufactured corporate gifts that seamlessly align with your company’s ethos and brand identity. Our offerings transcend the ordinary, serving as conversation starters and storytelling pieces that leave a lasting impression.

Customizable Branding: Enhance your corporate gifting in South Africa with Zafric™. Our products can be personalized to carry your logo or message, ensuring the highest standards in representation.

Uniqueness: We are proud to offer a range infused with individuality and attention to detail, setting our products apart from a sea of generic options in the existing South African corporate gifting industry.

Stylish and Sustainable Packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging – stylish, fit-for-purpose, and recyclable, reflecting our dedication to the environment.

Make a statement with Zafric™ – your go-to destination for exceptional, locally manufactured corporate gifts, custom logo branding, and retail solutions in South Africa.

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